Who the hell are we then?

SupaReal is a dynamic, growing digital marketing agency founded in 2014. We work with B2B brands to develop content-led online marketing that delivers tangible business results.

With up to 70% of the buying process complete before your sales team is aware of an opportunity, marketing needs to influence buyers much earlier. This needs a strategy, tools (such as Hubspot) and a content mindset to work.

What we do is not simple!
We don’t take the easy route.
We question, we challenge, we investigate.

It’s a strategic approach, with a clear plan, guided by process, and underpinned by technology. And we firmly believe in practising what we preach, as we aim to become our most successful case study. Subscribe to our blog and follow our journey!

Our Team

We are building a core team, extended with freelancers and partners. But let’s introduce you to our most important people.
Liane Grimshaw
Founder & Managing Director
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Hi, I’m Liane, the founder and MD of SupaReal.

I started this company with a belief. A belief that you have to believe. Believe in the work you’re doing, the people you’re working with, and most importantly a belief in yourself. All this believing is reflected in our ethos to ‘Make it Meaningful’.

It’s fair to say I’ve been around the block a bit, having been in marketing and digital media for more than twenty years (quickly reaches for the anti wrinkle cream…) Where does the time go?! And during that time I’ve managed to pack an awful lot in. I’ve worked as a designer, an account manager, a marketing director, a strategic consultant and been at the helm of a number of successful digital agencies. Oh, and I had a baby in the middle of all that. He’s now a 6 ft 2” teenager!!

I have worked with some amazingly talented people (two of whom work alongside me now), and for some fantastic brands. My career progressed quickly and you could say I did well. I learnt that attitude, personality and work ethic will get you a long way. And when it comes to the fast paced world of digital marketing, curiosity and passion are essential. If you don’t keep learning then you will struggle. Simple? Not really.

The idea for SupaReal had been brewing for a couple of years before I finally took the plunge. Starting your own business is tough for anyone. And that includes me! But I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited and committed to anything as much as I am to my company, its potential, and to keeping it real, SupaReal.

08 Mar 18
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03 Aug 17
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Jonathon Oates
Senior Inbound Marketing Consultant
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Howdy! I’m Jon, the geek of the gang.

I’ve been in digital marketing for several years now, having worked in a few different agencies, primarily as a search marketing specialist. In that time I’ve been lucky to have worked with clients of various shapes and sizes, across a number of sectors, both B2B and B2C.

Leaving university with an Honors Degree in Computing Science, I actually started my work life as a pub landlord! Although you might not think it, this actually taught me a lot about working under pressure and understanding human behaviour.

Now HubSpot and Google Analytics certified, I lead on any technical aspects of the work we do, as well as working alongside the rest of the team to implement the inbound strategies we devise. I love data and solving problems, and generally I am the man who makes it all work. If someone in the team is not sure how to do something, or a client asks for what seems the impossible, it’s usually me who works out the way to tackle it and get the job done.

I first met Liane and Daisy whilst working at a large search marketing agency, where my role was focused on innovation and R&D. And to be honest R&D is an ongoing aspect of my current role, as I have a real thirst for knowledge and the detail.

07 Apr 17
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09 Mar 17
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Daisy Hessey
Operations Manager
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Hey! I’m Daisy,
I’m SupaReal’s Operations Manager or (unofficially) the ‘queen of getting shit done’.

My job is to ensure we’ve got the right resources, tools and processes to implement content programmes efficiently for our clients. In addition to constantly improving how we work, I also oversee any major projects, especially those delivered by one of our partners.

The decision to become a part of SupaReal was a pretty easy one for me to make. I’ve worked with Liane and Jon before and I know how awesome they are (don’t tell them I said that!).

I have a straight talking and honest approach and I’m passionate about helping to deliver effective digital marketing solutions for clients. It’s no surprise that a company called SupaReal was so appealing.

Since graduating with a degree in Information Systems, I’ve worked as a Digital Project Manager within various digital agencies. The projects I’ve managed have ranged from from small and medium-sized website builds to more complex, long-term web projects. Although I’ve wanted to tear my hair out on occasions, my experience has helped me hone my craft and progress my career at a much quicker rate than I could have anticipated.

19 Feb 18
Are you the next piece of our puzzle? We're looking for an Office Manager.
Due to the continuing growth of SupaReal, we are on the hunt for a brilliant Office Manager to join us on our journey.
09 Jun 17
Are you supareal's next swiss army knife?
Due to the continuing growth of SupaReal, we are on the hunt for the next brilliant Inbound Marketing Executive to join us on our journey.
Simon Creed
Content Marketing Executive
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What’s up! I’m Simon.

As resident juggler of words at SupaReal my job is to build audiences with compelling content that educates, entertains and inspires. Oh, and I’m also well-versed in the somewhat enterprising art of social media.

Armed with a degree in English and Creative Writing, my mission is simple. Bypass the bullshit. Make it meaningful. Keep seeking new ways to humanise and energise content.  

From blog posts and eBooks, to outreach and promotion, I work in collaboration with clients (and our awesome team) to develop and deliver on diverse, sophisticated inbound marketing strategies.

I found SupaReal after moving to Manchester in 2015 – and haven’t looked back since.

Plying my trade alongside a remarkable bunch of people – all with their own unique skills – is something I’ve relished from day one. It’s an experience that’s helped me to grow and develop in a dynamic industry, and one that has taught me to never stop learning.  

27 Feb 18
Formidable content marketing lives and dies by smart collaboration
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14 Feb 18
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Beth Henderson
Inbound Marketing Manager
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Hello, I’m Beth!

I’m one of SupaReal’s Content Marketing Executives – trusted with putting words down on paper to create meaningful and engaging content.

With a first class degree in Public Relations and Digital Marketing – and experience in Outreach and Content Marketing – my role involves creating the right type of content, and making sure it gets in front of the right type of people at the right time.  

On a day to day basis I manage and grow our clients’ social media accounts, create fresh and inspiring content, and outreach to key industry influencers. Three disciplines that go hand in hand to help develop and deliver compelling inbound marketing campaigns.

I was lucky enough to be welcomed into the SupaReal team in 2016, and continue to love everything it stands for. There’s no bullshit – just a group of passionate individuals making an impressive impact in the world of B2B marketing.

01 Feb 18
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Sarah Charlton
Head of Strategy & Content
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Hey, I’m Sarah and I’m Head of Strategy & Content at SupaReal – which means that I get to do the really fun stuff! Working closely with clients to really suss out their needs, I help them to understand how inbound marketing can transform their relationships with customers and generate revenue, as well as overseeing the plans for delivering that value. Every agency worth their salt claims to do this type of thinking. But often it’s just superficial, barely skimming the surface. SupaReal really invests time and effort into that deeper upfront thinking which makes all the difference to end results. Ultimately leading to happy clients and selfishly, I can feel more satisfaction in a job well done!

My insights draw from a wealth of experience in digital marketing and working with a diverse range of clients from international brands like Intel and L’Oréal Paris, to pure digital players like moneysupermarket.com, and disruptive businesses working in fintech or big data.

Outside of work I’m still a bit of a girl geek. I love technology as well as the obligatory sci-fi and comic book movies. I’m also a humanist and passionate about issues like equality and social mobility, so when I have the opportunity you might find me involved in projects related to these or even dabbling in a little local politics and lobbying.

15 Mar 18
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08 Mar 18
How we transformed the reach, relevance and overall online presence of three Sodexo UK brands [CASE STUDY]
Take a look into how sophisticated inbound strategies boosted the reach and relevance of three Sodexo UK brands.
Amy Chetwynd
Inbound Marketing Executive
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Hey, I’m Amy.

Puppy lovin’, cake bakin’, Inbound Marketing Executive ready to learn and grow.

Equipped with a first class degree in Advertising and Brand Management (with two awards for top grades) my job is to get involved in all areas of inbound marketing – from writing content to client reporting. I help to write engaging content and then check it actually works in the real world.

Graduating university left me with a thirst for knowledge, and SupaReal offered an opportunity to build on my skills in a “no-bullshit” dynamic team, with a wealth of experience that’s enabling me to develop and hone my skills.

SupaReal does what it says on the tin, it really is a no frills, kick-ass agency that i’m excited to be part of!

15 Mar 18
Mind your P’s and Q’s: Thank you page best practice
Delve into the golden opportunity of thank you pages and guide your contacts down the all important marketing funnel with these best practice tips.
05 Mar 18
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Will Thomas
Inbound Marketing Executive
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Hey, I’m Will.

I’m an Inbound Marketing Executive, but I prefer to think of myself as a bullshit connoisseur.

That feeling when you cut through complicated, fluffy nonsense to trigger action with the right content… I’m tingling.

It’s a useful passion to have here at SupaReal. My job is to help the team make it meaningful in everything we do; from striking content to smart outreach, promotion and reporting.

I honed my chops on big ideas, with a first class degree in Philosophy, Politics and Economics, a little graduate level Philosophy plus a year in traditional marketing.

I’d been dreaming about SupaReal for a long time before I found out it existed. Quality first, no-frills honesty and that mission to ‘make it meaningful’? Sign me up.

So they did. I’m still grinning.

10 Nov 17
How to use human psychology to shape your inbound marketing strategy
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Our purpose is to make it meaningful in everything we do. Our approach to work, the work we do for our clients and the company we are creating.

And there are 4 core principles that guide our work and the way we do it.

Be. More. Human.

Be. More. Human.

Business is about people. Communication is about people. Work is about people. We believe the route to true success in life and business is building human connection and keeping it real in everything we do.

Use. Technology. Better.

Use. Technology. Better.

Technology provides us with the tools to work more efficiently. It enables us to collaborate and communicate more effectively. We use technology the right way, so that we achieve more, with a better output, in less time.

Preach. After. Practice.

Preach. After. Practice.

The work we do helps our clients grow. Applying our approach to market and grow SupaReal is fundamental. We use Hubspot, we develop our own content, we are building an audience and we nurture leads, exactly like we do for our clients.

Art. And. Science.

Art. And. Science.

Content and inbound marketing is both an art and a science. We challenge our right brains to create content that stands out. We exercise our left brains to apply process and data analysis to ensure we deliver and optimise results.

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