What We Do

Content marketing is at the heart of what we do, but we approach it in a very strategic way.  After all, it’s important to see the big picture first. It means we’re likely to get excited about a big idea or two that will transform the way you market your business.

We’re a small, talented and above all passionate team with a network of trusted consultants and specialists that extend our capability.

We don’t claim to be experts at everything.
We focus on what we’re good at, and we collaborate with partners for everything else.
With our tools and talents we specialise in three core areas.

And for most clients, we do all of the things outlined below, as they are not mutually exclusive.

Content Marketing Strategy

Develop a clear plan to focus your investment for success

It’s a fact that if you create a documented content marketing strategy you will improve effectiveness. 71% of UK organisations with a documented strategy consider their efforts to be effective, versus 33% of those with only a verbal (i.e. loose) strategy.

Think about it – would you launch any marketing activity without defining a clear strategy to guide it? I think we’d call that spray and pray! It’s where we prefer to start. And for some clients, it’s the only thing they need from us in order to direct their own in-house efforts. We have no issue with that.

A critical element of content strategy is researching and defining your buyer personas, as the content we propose must appeal to their information needs. Your content needs to help not sell. It must provide value, build trust and initiate a relationship.

Strategy development is run as a project, with tasks and deliverables agreed up front. You would be involved throughout the process, culminating in one document defining what needs to happen, why and how.

Outputs Include:

Mission and goals
Data and content audit
Competitor analysis
Buyer persona development
Topic and influencer analysis
Definition of your content niche
Uncovering your story
Themes, topics and formats
An initial editorial calendar
Content promotion plan
Process and governance
Optimisation and reporting

Content Creation and Promotion

Produce quality content to reach and engage relevant people

Boy there’s a deluge of content crap out there!! So don’t produce some quick, cheap nonsense that nobody wants to read, watch or engage with, let alone share. If you’ve got a choice, you have to go for quality over quantity. This is your brand, your reputation, your credibility on the line.

Maybe you have a clear plan in place, you’ve defined your goals, developed buyer personas, and know which channels work for you. And now you need some help, creatively leveraging every possible opportunity to maximise your investment. Or maybe you have a specific aim in mind and see a content marketing campaign as the way to go. We can help you here.

No matter what content we are creating, we always aim to ‘Make it Meaningful’ – remarkable, relevant, real and results-focused. Because this is how we engineer success for you.

Outputs Include:

Theme development
Topic and influencer analysis
Campaign management
Blog design and management
eBooks and whitepapers
Video and visual content
Landing page design and build
Social media marketing
Newsletter setup and management
Paid social promotion
Influencer relations and outreach
Automated email nurturing

How We Work

We like to keep things simple and open. We don’t have fixed packages with fixed pricing as every client is different. We put together a tailored programme based on the individual needs of each company. And while a straightforward agreement between us is the norm, we don’t insist on long form contracts you need to sign with the blood of your first born!

Oh and if we don’t think we can make an impact or that we’re not a good fit, we will tell you. Politely of course!

We are very happy to take on specific projects, but you’ll get the most value from what we do over the longer term through a monthly retainer. Our approach takes time to kick in, but when it does, you’ll see why the investment was worth it. And of course, we don’t expect you to wait ages for any real traction to start, as we will start implementing some quick wins as soon as possible.

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