Who the hell are we then?

SupaReal is a dynamic, growing digital marketing agency founded in 2014. We work with B2B brands to develop content-led online marketing that delivers tangible business results.

With up to 70% of the buying process complete before your sales team is aware of an opportunity, marketing needs to influence buyers much earlier. This needs a strategy, tools (such as Hubspot) and a content mindset to work.

What we do is not simple!
We don’t take the easy route.
We question, we challenge, we investigate.

It’s a strategic approach, with a clear plan, guided by process, and underpinned by technology. And we firmly believe in practising what we preach, as we aim to become our most successful case study. Subscribe to our blog and follow our journey!

Our Team

We are building a core team, extended with freelancers and partners. But let’s introduce you to our most important people.
Founder & Managing Director
  • Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Liane, the founder and MD of SupaReal.

I started this company with a belief. A belief that you have to believe. Believe in the work you’re doing, the people you’re working with, and most importantly a belief in yourself. All this believing is reflected in our ethos to ‘Make it Meaningful’.

It’s fair to say I’ve been around the block a bit, having been in marketing and digital media for more than twenty years (quickly reaches for the anti wrinkle cream…) Where does the time go?! And during that time I’ve managed to pack an awful lot in. I’ve worked as a designer, an account manager, a marketing director, a strategic consultant and been at the helm of a number of successful digital agencies. Oh, and I had a baby in the middle of all that. He’s now a 6 ft 2” teenager!!

I have worked with some amazingly talented people (two of whom work alongside me now), and for some fantastic brands. My career progressed quickly and you could say I did well. I learnt that attitude, personality and work ethic will get you a long way. And when it comes to the fast paced world of digital marketing, curiosity and passion are essential. If you don’t keep learning then you will struggle. Simple? Not really.

The idea for SupaReal had been brewing for a couple of years before I finally took the plunge. Starting your own business is tough for anyone. And that includes me! But I can honestly say I’ve never been more excited and committed to anything as much as I am to my company, its potential, and to keeping it real, SupaReal.

Innovation and Implementation Leader
  • Who Am I?

Howdy! I’m Jon, the geek of the gang.

I’ve been in digital marketing for several years now, having worked in a few different agencies, primarily as a search marketing specialist. In that time I’ve been lucky to have worked with clients of various shapes and sizes, across a number of sectors, both B2B and B2C.

Leaving university with an Honors Degree in Computing Science, I actually started my work life as a pub landlord! Although you might not think it, this actually taught me a lot about working under pressure and understanding human behaviour.

HubSpot and Google Analytics certified, I lead on any technical aspects of the work we do, as well as working alongside the rest of the team to implement the inbound strategies we devise. I love data and solving problems, and generally I am the man who makes it all work. If someone in the team is not sure how to do something, or a client asks for what seems the impossible, it’s usually me who works out the way to tackle it and get the job done.

I first met Liane and Daisy whilst working at a large search marketing agency, where my role was focused on innovation and R&D. And to be honest R&D is an ongoing aspect of my current role, as I have a real thirst for knowledge and the detail.

Creative Content Manager
  • Who Am I?

What’s up! I’m Simon.

As resident juggler of words at SupaReal my job is to build audiences with compelling content that educates, entertains and inspires. Oh, and I’m also well-versed in the somewhat enterprising art of social media.

Armed with a degree in English and Creative Writing, my mission is simple. Bypass the bullshit. Make it meaningful. Keep seeking new ways to humanise and energise content.  

From blog posts and eBooks, to outreach and promotion, I work in collaboration with clients (and our awesome team) to develop and deliver on diverse, sophisticated inbound marketing strategies.

I found SupaReal after moving to Manchester in 2015 – and haven’t looked back since.

Plying my trade alongside a remarkable bunch of people – all with their own unique skills – is something I’ve relished from day one. It’s an experience that’s helped me to grow and develop in a dynamic industry, and one that has taught me to never stop learning.  

Content Marketing Manager
  • Who Am I?

Hiya, I’m Emma!

I’m a Content Marketing Executive here at SupaReal. My role is focused on supporting the team in delivering projects, along with creating entertaining and valuable content, and delighting our clients.

I graduated University in 2017 with a degree in Business Management, from there I started my career as an International Marketing Intern — in fact, working for the same Uni where I had studied! Although my degree covered a broad subject area, I have always had a keen interest in marketing as I enjoy watching how people interact — particularly online. I was immediately attracted to joining the SupaReal family as a Content Marketing Executive as the role incorporates many aspects of marketing including planning, content and analytics, all of which I love to be involved in!

I try and keep a positive mindset at all times — as it truly is the key to a happy and successful life! Outside of work, I try and hit the gym as often as I can! I also love sampling new restaurants and keep on top of writing for my personal blog!

Production Manager
  • Who Am I?

Hello, I’m Donna, Supareal’s Operations Executive.

I support all aspects of the company’s operations to make sure everything runs smoothly and the rest of the team are set up to get sh*t done.

Since Graduating from MMU with a degree in Film and Media with Scriptwriting, I’ve developed skills and expertise across a range of roles. While I’ve primarily focused on Video Production,  my previous jobs have also involved project management, office management and concept creation and script writing for TV commercials.

I’ve been lucky enough to work on a diverse set of clients, including the likes of Missguided, Vauxhall and Ministry of Sound, and have been involved in amazing projects from web builds to multi-platform TV campaigns. A highlight of my career so far involves working on long form content, post producing Rip Off Britain for the BBC and Dispatches for Channel 4.

My passion for film doesn’t stop there though, as in my spare time I enjoy writing short films and animations with various people from agencies in and around Manchester.

I joined SupaReal because, well, it’s a bit of me. Having worked in lots of different agencies, I know a good’un when I see it, and SupaReal’s commitment to the team and our clients, and making everything we do mean something, makes it a company I’m proud to be a part of.

Senior Designer
  • Who Am I?

Hiya, I’m Karen (aka Kaz).

As the Senior Designer at SupaReal, I bring nearly two decades of experience to the team.

Over the years I’ve worked for clients within the private sector, public sector and third sector on various projects such as branding, brand development, packaging, website design, app design, social design, advertising, POS design, print design, presentation design, art direction, interactive media, video, photography and illustration – aaaaaand breathe!

Design is all around us, will always be needed and it serves as a constant inspiration. For me, it’s all about understanding how a business works, and helping it to get noticed and thrive – the challenge of design is rooted in problem solving and bringing ideas to reality.

Apart from working alongside some awesome people over the years, I think my biggest buzz is seeing my work being used. What makes me tick is that I’m designing something valuable, something that helps audiences while building a bond between brand and consumer.

At SupaReal, every day is unique. There’s no bull, no crazy marketise language, no facade – just a group of down-to-earth, like-minded creative bods working hard to deliver brilliant projects.

Senior Writer
  • Who Am I?

Hey, I’m Andy.

I relish the challenge of grabbing people’s attention and holding it, and creating content that builds relationships by giving audiences what they really want – whether that’s translating complex information or simply making them laugh.

In my 14 years as a professional writer I have seen just about every side of the B2B marketing mix. SupaReal’s approach is completely different to anything else I’ve come across – every project, every piece of content feels like a team effort – no-one is an island, everyone pulls in the same direction and understands the needs of each individual client.

As one of the team’s senior writers, I bring a broad spectrum of experience to the table which spans specialist sectors such as finance, travel, pharmaceutical regulation, agriculture and, more recently, workplace experience.

In the past, I have also been heavily involved in hefty brand development projects, and come equipped with specialist qualifications in SEO and analytics – so I have a tight grip on the context and technical side of content marketing, as well!

Senior Writer
  • Who Am I?

Hi, I’m Nicola.

I support SupaReal’s client content programs as a senior writer.

My career as a writer has encapsulated a broad range of topics for a diverse range of clients and publications, including business issues for The Times, technology stories for the BBC and marketing perspectives for Econsultancy. My work for SupaReal includes copywriting projects for a range of corporate clients — from ebooks to whitepapers and blog posts — across a multitude of subjects.

After more than 17 years as a writer, my passion recently led me to publish my debut novel A Degree of Uncertainty (shameless self-promotion alert).

I love words, and enjoy the challenge of crafting them to bring even the most arcane subjects alive and capture the imagination of a specific audience.

The enthusiasm the SupaReal team brings to every project is infectious, and their proactive, no-nonsense approach resonates with me. There isn’t any fluff — it’s about getting to the bottom of what clients want and need, and delivering it with impact.

It’s about keeping it real…


Our purpose is to make it meaningful in everything we do. Our approach to work, the work we do for our clients and the company we are creating.

And there are 4 core principles that guide our work and the way we do it.

Be. More. Human.

Be. More. Human.

Business is about people. Communication is about people. Work is about people. We believe the route to true success in life and business is building human connection and keeping it real in everything we do.

Use. Technology. Better.

Use. Technology. Better.

Technology provides us with the tools to work more efficiently. It enables us to collaborate and communicate more effectively. We use technology the right way, so that we achieve more, with a better output, in less time.

Preach. After. Practice.

Preach. After. Practice.

The work we do helps our clients grow. Applying our approach to market and grow SupaReal is fundamental. We use Hubspot, we develop our own content, we are building an audience and we nurture leads, exactly like we do for our clients.

Art. And. Science.

Art. And. Science.

Content and inbound marketing is both an art and a science. We challenge our right brains to create content that stands out. We exercise our left brains to apply process and data analysis to ensure we deliver and optimise results.

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